There is a lot of work being done right now on Happiness, Brain Function, and how it can help in education. Brain chemistry accounts for a lot of the way we live our lives, but the interesting thing is that through conscious action we can change or brains! I have attached a TED Talk by Ron Gutman about the physiological effects of smiling; you can literally make someone else feel better by smiling at them – research shows that it is very difficult to frown when you see someone else smiling.

Often a student will be upset or in a bad mood over something from home, a conflict with another student, or that they may not have done as well on an assignment or test, and they refuse to work and need a break. It is always amazing to me by speaking with them and trying to get them to smile (and smiling at them), that their mood lightens and they seem to come out of their gloom.

I tell them all the time, “Change Your Brain, smile!”,…here’s the TED Talk. I would greatly recommend you try his suggestions and report back on your experience in trying to smile for others.


Welcome from Tim Rice

Welcome to the Barnstead Elementary School Blog! I hope to use this blog as another tool to communicate with parents, grandparents, and guardians, to engage in dialog around educational issues, budget, curriculum, and the strategic plans for the school and district. There are a lot terrific things taking place throughout the school, but for us to get even better we need your involvement and support.

I attached a TED Talk by Rita Pierson; take a few minutes to watch and listen to her message that every child needs a champion, and that teaching and learning is all about the relationships – she makes it look so easy! I believe in her message and would love your feedback and reaction to her talk.